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The 21st century employee needs to don multiple hats simultaneously with great dexterity. The employee needs to be a strategic thinker, a great planner and decision-maker with a willingness to collaborate and take risks in an uncertain environment.

We equip today’s millennial workforce to meet tomorrow’s challenges by playing games, an approach that is both transformative and innovative.

At Processbee, we design and develop learning games that simulate business environments with a focus to measure and impart 21st century skills.

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Why Play Our Applied Games


Best of both worlds - Simulation and Game Mechanics.

Learn Ahead

The millennial generation needs a training method that they can relate to.

Risk Free

Experiment and explore decisions and solutions in a risk-free environment.

Non-Intrusive Assessment

Evidence Centered Design to measure learning outcomes in a non intrusive manner.

Learner Centric

Autonomy is in the hands of the learner where they experiment and explore with their decisions.


Our games are customised to capture the nuances and needs of your organisation.

Our Offerings


To meet the challenges of the future, you need a training methodology which is innovative and transformative. Learning happens, when learners teach themselves. We provide learner centric, experiential games.


Your employees need a training program that is impactful, immersive and transformative. We use Game Based Learning as a methodology, which helps players experiment, explore decisions,make mistakes and understand the impact in a risk-free environment.


To identify the right person for the right role, you need a methodology which simulates professional practica. Our non-intrusive assessment methods track players decisions and actions to construct an individual and team profile.


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Skills assessment
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