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STRATUP was incorporated as a part of the Strategic Business Management Course at Amrita School of Business. Nearly 450 students across all 4 campuses participated in the course.

The course was offered over a semester across 4 distinct stages:

1. Learning & Pre Evaluation

2. Practise Rounds

3. Final Round – 5 Years of Game Play

4. Post Evaluation and Analysis


Preethi ASB Student

“The concepts that we learnt in books were put into practise, which helps to provide deeper insights into our
course of study.Since it was a game, it was very interesting unlike books and lectures.”

Srinivas V ASB Student

“It was a learning experience that I would have obtained if I had run a company on my own. I felt at some point like it is my
own company.”

Gayathri ASB Student

“Wonderful Strategy Based Game.This game gives a good idea about how a company performs and how making a simple decision impacts the performance in an organisation. A must play game for an MBA Aspirant.”

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