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GIEOM is a cloud based software solutions and analytics company. They deliver Operational Excellence to Banks by offering a unique business visualization technology with intelligent linking that monitors, controls and optimizes operations while reducing risk and increasing compliance.

The organisation wanted to provide training to its Business Analysts and Senior Managers on Process Modelling and Process Re-Engineering to achieve business excellence .

The CEO wanted to equip his team with tools and techniques to enable them to add value to their clients.


Business Process Excellence

A case study on issuing a Health Insurance Policy by a General Insurance Company was circulated to the participants prior to the event.

Participants with the help of a board game, were taken through various steps in understanding the process, stakeholder expectations, modelling the process, analysing  bottlenecks and waste to arrive at a modified process.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants were able to appreciate Process Modelling and Re-engineering and learnt the following through the game:

1. Eliciting Stakeholder Expectations

2. Gathering Process Requirements

3. Modelling AS-IS Process

4. Preparing a Business Case

5. Identifying wastes in a Process

6. Mapping  a Customer Journey and creating a Value Stream Map

7. Arriving at possible solutions to meet customer and stakeholder expectations


Jiby Jacob Jiby Jacob

The game allowed me to stay near to the team members and exchange ideas immediately instead of delaying decisions by writing big mails or making calls or arranging meetings.

Director Customer Fulfilment

The game has been beautifully laid out and I enjoyed the whole concept.

I realised the level of cooperation required to complete the task when a group is involved.

 I realised how to move forward in arriving at the most agreeable solution from the number of available suggestions, instead of sticking to our own solution and going nowhere.

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