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At JNTU Hyderabad, Processbee was part of the Enlite Entrepreneurship program with participants from 18 affiliated colleges. The program was powered by the Wadhwani Foundation as part of the National Entrepreneurship Program.
The JNTU Hyderabad Entrepreneurship Cell conducted a two-week program where we used the last two days explaining various business concepts to the students in a fun way using our Business Simulation Game. Since the students come from an engineering background it was a mini-MBA for them understanding what they will need to handle on the business side as entrepreneurs. They all had great ideas/products they want to launch and now learned more about how to market them with our simulation game.


Pujitha JNTU Student

STRATUP is exciting and a lot of fun. I liked the interface and its user friendly features. I have learnt that everyone’s contribution is important in the team to succeed and run a business successfully. Most of all, I’ve grasped the vital role of decision making. The overall experience is great. Looking forward to play again.

Laxmi JNTU Student

STRATUP is one of the best ways to learn business strategies and decision making, besides the game was really fun. We were enjoying the game in such a way that the time flew away very quickly. My interest in the game got increased as the time passed. I would really like to play the game any number of times.

Shivani JNTU Student

By playing this game we were getting a clear view of what entrepreneurship, marketing, sales and finance is all about. We also got to know the profit and loss analysis, demand analysis of the product and market demand and much more. Overall, this game is all about having fun and learning the significance of running a business without actually losing anything.

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