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Stratup was incorporated to improve decision making amongst the students and improve necessary skills required to operate in the corporate world. Stratup as a strategy game was implemented over a two-day course.
All three batches of 50 students participated in the workshop leading to a total number of 150 students as a workshop mode. Students started understanding the game with an introduction and then played the game as a competition with in-between feedback from the facilitators, Sandeep and Simon.


Lijin Kristu Jayanti Student

The game is a fun filled strategy game that focuses on using technical knowledge to solve real life problems in a simulated environment. The experience was very good and enjoyable at every stage.

Amitha Kristu Jayanti Student

Stratup is a strategy game focused on helping students convert their theoretical knowledge into practical application. The game has a fun filled interface and was enjoyable on all accounts.

Jerrin Kristu Jayanti Student

STRATUP is an immersive educational Management Simulation game. The game precisely mimics real-life business scenarios and breaks them down into understandable blocks for the users to learn about Strategy, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations & IT.
The game can be thought of in short as the digital representation of Demings’s Cycle – Plan, Do, Check & Action. The game is well thought of and does include minute details in the business environment that can steer the business towards success or failure. Kudos to the Processbee team.

Cynthia Kristu Jayanti Student

Stratup provided us with a wide exposure and a practical experience in all the departments of an organisation in a very innovative and a risk-free environment. Looking forward to continue improving our skills with Stratup.

Sanya Kristu Jayanti Student

Stratup is a challenging game where we can understand various aspect of business through a virtual tour. Every move made in the game gives a new learning, helps improve decision making and implement new strategies. Thoroughly enjoyed the Business simulation game.

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