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Q Burst is a digital transformation and technology company founded in 2004. They have their development centers in North America, Dubai, India, Australia and Europe.

The organisation wanted to provide training to its senior managers and solution architects who were involved in digital transformation. They were looking for an effective and immersive solution.

The HR was also looking in for a session on Work Life Balance, to improve employee morale and productivity.


Business Process Re-Engineering

Participants were briefed on the fundamentals of process re-engineering and were asked to re-engineer an insurance process. They were asked to create the AS-IS and Should -BE Process

Strategic Negotiation

Participants were briefed on concepts of BATNA, WATNA and Payoffs . They then managed their resources and maximised their outcomes negotiating with their peers

Work-Life Balance

Participants played the game on Work-Life Balance, trying to balance personal, professional and financial wellbeing. Players made plans and set their priorities to achieve a balance


Parvathy Prasad Accounts Manager Q Burst

The game was a real eye opener. As a part of  my daily work, I negotiate with customers and vendors. The game helped me try out multiple strategies and experiment with options. The central theme of trust, cooperation  and computing payoffs was taught in an innovative way through the game.

Malu Nair, User Experience Team Q Burst

STRATCON, the game on Business Process Re-Engineering is a well designed game. It gave me an experience to understand different stakeholders perspectives  (Management & Customer) and design the process. I understood the basics of process analysis and LEAN concepts  with the help of  the game.

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