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Epistemic Games

At Processbee we build epistemic games which are a second best alternative to real life experiences. The framework views assessments as an evidentiary argument. A model that observes what participants say, do or make out of a circumstance, to draw inferences about what they know, can do or accomplished. This connection between learning & behaviour provides the validity for the assessment model.

Educational Institutions

Assurance of Learning Requirements

As the professor or dean of academics you are aware of the increasing accreditation standards as below:

​The school must develop a list of the learning goals for which it will demonstrate assurance of learning.

The school must demonstrate what learning occurs for each of the learning goals.

Schools should be demonstrating a high degree of maturity in terms of delineation of clear learning goals, implementation of outcome assessment processes, and demonstrated use of assessment information to improve curricula.

Our Approach

We look at students learning from a holistic perspective from multitude angles.

Quiz – A Pre Evaluation quiz module measures the knowledge a student possesses on various management concepts before the game.

Non – Intrusive Assessment – Our Evidence Centered game analytics platform measures students proficiency and skills by tracking their actions and decisions in the game.

Peer Evaluation – Our peer evaluation platform captures feedback of students and their opinion of their team members.


Assessment Centers

The evaluation of an individual’s potential to perform in a managerial setting is an important problem for those responsible for the development of managers.

Present methods of evaluating the development of managers have not changed significantly in several decades.

In order to make an effective assessment, we need more detailed information than that obtained through traditional methods.

Our Approach

We combine traditional methods of assessments with new age game based simulation exercises.

​Our games measure job-related behaviours and skills in a risk-free environment.

We break down the skills and proficiency required by a 21st century manager in the form of various game tasks and the decisions and actions by players are measured.

​The game simulates strategic and tactical managerial decisions.

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