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Evidence - Centered Applied Games

Your employees need a training program that is impactful, immersive and transformative. Processbee games are designed using a well researched and crafted pedagogical approach. Skills and proficiencies that need to be measured are embedded as tasks in the game and the Evidence - Centered Analytics Engine records decisions and actions of players to construct an individual and team profile.

Analysis Based on Your Interests

Analysis Based on Your Interests - Organisational Dynamics Analysis
Our games simulate organisation dynamics in the form of scenarios, which are embedded in the game. Players response to situations on gender sensitivity, sexual harassment, ethics, prejudice, bias etc. which impact the culture of the organisation are captured. ​A detailed analysis on individual responses and collective responses as a cohort are performed and presented to the organisation.
Dominant Skills
Like in a real life performance management process, where employees are given goals and skills and proficiency that are tracked by managers, we track the same in a non-intrusive manner. ​Our non-intrusive evidence based assessment tracks players actions and decisions at various instances in the game. ​A model that observes what participants say, do or make out of a circumstance, to draw inferences about what they know, can do or accomplished. ​This connection between learning & behaviour provides the validity for the assessment model.
360 Degree Feedback
Our Multi-Player Role Playing Games offer a friendly platform to capture peer feedback on an individuals performance. ​Players provide feedback with regards to each others performance in the game. ​Since our games are conducted in a role playing setting, participants are immersed in their role and tend to offer feedback which is more realistic, more so when there is no fear of evaluation.

Our Game Features


Immersive Game Mechanics and Business Simulations.

Learner Centric

Complete autonomy in the hands of the learner to experiment in a risk-free environment.


The game data and elements can be customised to meet specific requirements of your business.​


Decisions are tracked to arrive at an individual and team based report.

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