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In a fast changing, globalised environment, the words innovation and disruption are used daily in board meetings all over the world. There is a strong need to be prepared for a new way of working, thinking and operating. To bridge the gap between universities and the corporate world, STRATUP, a role- playing business simulation game provides a unique solution. ​Players run a virtual company and get an opportunity to apply knowledge acquired in classrooms.

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Features STARTUP Others Simulations
Primary Focus Strategic Decisions & Tactical Decisions Strategic Decisions
Planning & Budgeting Players determine their strategic blueprint and ask for budget approval from the head of finance Most Business Simulation does not have this module
Mode of simulation The game is real time synchronous and the impact of decisions are known to players instantly The simulation is asynchronous, only at the end of a pre-defined cutoff are the results known to participants
Multi Player Game Every Individual Player assumes a definitive role in the game and individuals decisions are tracked and measured. Group of participants get together to collectively take decisions. Hard to differentiate between individual and group decisions.
Organisational Politics Simulates Organisation politics in the form of scenarios and captures players response for future analysis. Most Business Simulations do not have this feature
Free Riding The possibility of free-riding is minimised. Since players assume individual roles and their performance is tracked, they cannot free-ride. Ample opportunity for participants to free-ride
Business SImulation Game Combines best of both the worlds – Business Simulation + Game Mechanics Well crafted business simulations, but do not have game elements and mechanics
360 degree Feedback Players evaluate each other and provide feedback on their performance Most Business Simulations do not have this feature
Assessment Non-Intrusive Intrusive
Number of roles simulated 6 – Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, IT & International Marketing Max 4 – Marketing, Operations, HR & Finance



Students are provided access to our Learning Management System to familiarise with the concepts of the business simulation. Pre evaluation assessment is conducted before the simulation. Duration - Self Paced

Practise Rounds

Students are provided ample practise to understand the nuances and the rules of the simulation. Duration - 1/2 Day * ​*Subject to change based on the class strength

FinaL Rounds

Teams are formed and students compete with their peers to strategise and virtually run their organisation. At the end of every gaming quarter, they spend time to analyse their performance for further course correction. FinaL Rounds Duration - 1 Day * *Subject to change based on the class strength & the number of years of game play


Decisions are tracked to arrive at an individual and team based report. ​The report is discussed with the individual and teams. Duration - Can be online or offline

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