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STRATUP- Business Simulation
STRATUP is a Role Playing Business Simulation Game. The players virtually run a business enterprise by assuming the role of heads of Marketing, Operations, HR, Finance, IT and International Business. The game simulates the nuances and complexities of a business enterprise such as organisational politics, performance appraisal etc.

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STRATCON- Re-Engineering
STRATCON is a Process Re-Engineering Game. Participants don the role of a consultant who is tasked with re-engineering a process to meet requirements of various stakeholders. The game is customisable to accomodate your organisations business processes to provide a realistic and contextual training to your employees.

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EQUALANCE- Work-Life Balance
EQUALANCE is Work-Life Balance Game. Players handle various tasks in their life to achieve a balance between personal, professional, financial and social wellbeing while managing time and money. Players learn to make tradeoffs and manage their life by managing their activities through an innovative tool called the box of life.

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MANOEUVRE- Negotiation
MANOEUVRE is an Experiential Negotiation Game. Players maximise their resources and understand the art/science of negotiation in an immersive and engaging way. The game provides an opportunity to track all the players decisions and provide a feedback to make corrective actions.

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