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"25% of the workforce is depressed and finds it hard to find a balance between personal and professional life"

"25% of the workforce is depressed and finds it hard to find a balance between personal and professional life" Employees experiencing depression may find it difficult to be motivated to complete tasks and this impacts productivity. ​ Traditional methods of training, fail to connect with the participants to provide an experiential understanding.


EQUALANCE is a Work-life Balance Game. The game simulates real life scenarios to help players understand the trade-off's between personal, professional and financial wellbeing by managing trade-off's between time and money.
Problem-based learning
A unique problem based learning method, where participants are transported to a dynamic decision making environment where learning happens through interaction between decisions taken and their outcomes.
Social Learning
Your employees will learn from each other’s life and will have the opportunity to share best practices. The game fosters a social learning experience and we guarantee that your employees will be equipped to handle the pressures of life effectively.
Construct Social Reality
Participants construct their understanding of how to balance life between conflicting priorities and learn to balance their well-being progressively as the game unfolds.

Learning Deliverables

Managing Trade-off's
    Participants experientially understand techniques to handle trade-off's between time and money. Box of Life, a unique game mechanic helps participants experientially understand their priority and trade-offs.
Finding the Balance
    The core of the game incorporates well researched topics such as IKIGAI, Eric Eriksons stages of life, Maslow's need hierarchy. The game helps participants understand their individual balance and constructs their personal reality.
Financial Prudence
    Players are exposed to various financial instruments such as Insurance, MF's, shares etc. in a fun and engaging manner. While managing personal, professional and social wellbeing, the players take decisions to improve their standard of living and financial security.

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