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MANOEUVRE - Strategic Negotiation

“You cannot negotiate with people who say whats mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable” – John F Kennedy

The art of negotiation is best learnt experientially when individuals are constrained by resources and others are eyeing for the same set of resources for their survival.

MANOEUVRE is a strategic negotiation game, where individuals manage their resources and interact with other team players to negotiate to maximise individual returns and collectively overpower their competition.

In MANOEUVRE individuals learn the art and science of negotiation through ancient wisdom and modern techniques.

MANOEUVRE - Strategic Negotiation

Set in a medieval context, the players don the hats of rulers of the Indian continent. They form allies and align themselves with other kingdoms.

​In the process of forging strategic alliances, they alienate a few, whom become rival warring kingdoms.

Each ruler has his or her own individual objective to maximise the resources of their kingdom and trust and cooperate with their allies to keep the rivals at bay.

​Will the allies cooperate? What is their incentive? and Whom can you trust? What are the payoffs and walk away point?

Learning Deliverables

Negotiation Style

Understand dominant negotiation styles by experimenting with various options.


Learn concepts of negotiating in unearthing the need of opponents and arriving at the best, worst and expected alternative to a negotiated agreement.

Decision Tree and Payoffs

Participants are exposed to various decision making tools like constructing a decision tree and arriving at payoffs.

End Game Strategies

Players understand various end game strategies to maximise their outcome.


Applied Learning
    Learning by applying concepts learnt enhances retention and application.
    MANOEUVRE is a MULTIPLAYER Game. Players learn from each other which fosters social learning.
    Players decisions are tracked and measured which provides a feedback for corrective action.

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