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Continuous Improvement

With intense competition and technological advancements, companies are required to constantly innovate and improve on operational efficiencies to deliver value to shareholders and customers. Streamlining processes are no more the responsibility of a selected few in an organisation. Knowledge of streamlining methodologies and tools will equip your workforce to constantly innovate and participate in continuous improvement.


STRATCON is a Process Re-engineering board game which equips your workforce with requisite know-how and tools to streamline your business processes. The game is customised to capture the nuances of your organisations business processes, to give your employees a realistic experience.
The game is completely customised to capture the complexity and nuances of your organisations business process.
Systems Thinking
Participants understand the linkages and interaction between various components of your process to arrive at solutions to meet your organisations objective.
Immediate ROI
At the end of the workshop, your employees will have arrived at a modified process that you would like to re-engineer​ and will have found solutions to streamline your process.

STRATCON - Game Play Stages

Process Shadowing
    The Processbee consultant understands the business process that you would like your employees to re-engineer. The details of the process are modelled into the game for training. ​The game has predefined standard process​es modelled, which can be used for training.
Process Modelling
    Concepts such as stakeholders requirements gathering, modelling AS-IS process, analysing the process using concepts of LEAN and Six Sigma and arriving at a future state process is presented in a immersive and engaging gamified manner.
Analysis and Solution
    Your employees collaboratively analyse bottlenecks, pain points and vulnerable points to arrive at a solution to meet your organisation's objective at the end of the training.

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